How well is your yoga serving your needs at this stage in your yoga practice, and this stage of life?

Are you new to yoga and want to know more?

An experienced student seeking clarity or growth?


Personalized yoga sessions:


  • Are tailored to your specific needs and goals on and off of the yoga mat.

  • Support you during a period of transition.

  • Promote injury recovery and rehabilitation.

  • Deepen your skills for class or home practice.

  • Help you grow and refine a sustainable, well-rounded yoga practice.

Our sessions can take place in the yoga studio at Vancouver Yoga Center, or it may be possible to meet at your home or office. For sessions at the yoga studio, a video recording of your session is available so you’re able to revisit the information as often as you’d like. 

Pricing for an in-studio session begins at

$75 for a 60 minute session.