Ongoing public classes at Vancouver Yoga Center

Yoga Therapeutics: Thursday 4pm – 5:15pm


Focus on a particular area of the body each month in this class. August's focus is shoulders and neck.


We'll practice dynamic breath and movement poses to stretch and strengthen, supportive restorative poses, self-massage techniques, and meditation tools to help encourage harmony and resilience. 


This is a great class to support healing and well-being with regard to injuries, and an excellent class for anyone interested in a mellow approach to their yoga practice. All abilities are welcome.

Mindful Flow: Saturday 8:30 - 9:45am


This is a well-rounded class with an emphasis on slow, smooth sequences of poses and focus on maintaining proper alignment throughout.


Breathe, move, stretch, and strengthen!

All abilities are welcome. 

I team-teach this class -- I'm there the second and fourth Saturday of each month.