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Yoga Classes & Workshops
Students practicing yoga in studio
Yoga Classes and Workshops


We'll practice dynamic breath and movement poses to stretch and strengthen, supportive restorative poses, self-massage techniques, and meditation tools to encourage harmony and resilience. 


This is a great class to support healing and well-being with regard to injuries, and an excellent class for anyone interested in a mellow approach to their yoga practice. All abilities are welcome.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is scientifically proven to provide a multitude of health benefits, including relaxation, pain relief, improved recovery from chronic and acute musculoskeletal issues like muscle and tendon injuries, enhanced immune system function, and more restorative sleep.

  • Many insurance plans accepted.

  • Appointments available Mon - Fri.

Your session will be tailored to what you need and prefer, including relaxation, deep tissue, and injury rehabilitation techniques.

All sessions include these services at no additional cost:

  • Heated basalt stones 

  • Therapeutic cupping 

  • Aromatherapeutic oils 

  • Facilitated stretching

  • Aftercare recommendations

Hands performing massage
Personalized Yoga
Person practicing meditation and yoga
Personalized Yoga


How well is your yoga serving your needs at this stage in your yoga practice and this stage of life? New to yoga and want to know more? Experienced student seeking clarity or growth?


Personalized Yoga sessions:


  • Are tailored to your specific needs and goals on and off of the yoga mat.

  • Support you during a period of transition.

  • Promote injury recovery and rehabilitation.

  • Deepen your skills for class or home practice.

  • Help you grow and refine a sustainable, well-rounded yoga practice.

Our sessions can take place live in the studio, or a streaming session with video recording of your session is available so you’re able to revisit the information as often as you’d like. 

Workplace Wellness & Special Events
Workplace Wellness and Special Events


Yoga practices like mindful movement and breathing are a wonderful way to boost employee moral and well-being.

Whether a one-time event or part of an ongoing series, accommodations can be made for a wide range of settings and capabilities. ​Mid-day and lunch hour sessions are popular!


Pricing depends on location and group size. Mats and other supplies can be provided for use during class. Get in touch for a quote.

Person practicing yoga and meditation in studio
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